Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking Time to Sit

It's funny how we get caught up in doing, yet we forget the enjoying part of living.  I've walked past this tree and bench many times.  It seems that it always catches my attention.  I find myself stopping and photographing with my iPhone.  I don't know why.

Today was different.  It dawned on me that although I've photographed this scene many times, not once have I actually taken the time to rest on the bench beneath the tree.  I actually struggled with the idea of just taking the time to sit.

As I thought about sitting, I wondered why I was debating the idea of just enjoying the bench.  What would it hurt to just sit under the tree and watch others walk past me?  What would happen if I just watched the drama unfold?  

Sometimes being a spectator is not all that bad.  Take the time to just enjoy the simple things.  Sit underneath the tree and watch. 

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