Saturday, April 10, 2010


Some of the most interesting images occur when I least expect them.  (It's also the reason why I try to keep some form of a camera on hand.)  You just don't know when the opportunity will happen.  These donkey's weren't just looking for a photo-op.

What would happen if we chose to live life the same way?  We spend a lifetime preparing for living in retirement, but few seldom prepare for living right now.

This shot on the right is actually quite humorous.  I zoomed in to see what could be so interesting reading on the beach.  The young gal seemed to be glued to her article.  If you read Spanish, or can see the drawing you will get the drift.  Sometimes you just have to be there.

Things are always unfolding right in front of you.  The key is to open, prepared, and responsive.  Capture the images; absorb them.  Be prepared to live a live full of images and recall them at will.

You will be surprised by images coming towards you.  As if they were planned for you to take and enjoy.  "The world is a stage."  You choose to be either on stage or in the audience.  I choose to be on stage acting my role out.  F8 be there...simply means be prepared to shoot.  Prepare yourself to enjoy today.  Don't miss out living.

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