Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gotta Shoot

This morning I am moving kind of slow.  My brain is still a little foggy.  There's a song lyric stuck in my head..."Gotta Dance!!, Gotta Dance!!"  I see Gene Kelley choreographing each beat.  Suddenly in my mind, I see him pick up his iPhone and with great glee sing:  Gotta Shoot!!!  Gotta Shoot!!!  I tell ya it's not easy being me in the mornings.

Many times we photographers see things but we don't have our best cameras with us.  Thanks to the magic of the iPhone, we don't have to miss the shot.  The man fishing by the pond intrigued me as did the little girl sleeping with her dog.  (My wife, Kim took that shot and I am jealous.)  It's all about capturing the moment and expressing it.

Once we open up our minds and allow the creativity to flow, simple things take on new meaning.  We transition as we go into our hearts to create.  The process is no longer simply cerebral and logical.  Our hearts learn to celebrate the details of simplicity.

It feels good to be alive and awake.  I am excited about what I will capture next.  What new experiences will I find.  The possibilities are endless.

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