Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We all remember stories of people whom our parents drew unpleasant lessons.  People they told us "don't be like..."  My "don't be like" was a photographer simply named Camachito.  He was omnipresent at every social church engagement. Camachito showed up for weddings and all church events armed with his camera and flash.  Strangely, I don't recall ever seeing any of his images.  Dad would remind me.  "Isn't it funny, we see him shoot, but no pictures.

I don't know if Camachito had figured it out that his camera was simply a prop to get good food and get invitations to main social events.  The thought of being labeled Camachito haunts me.  It is enough to make me get up each morning, write this blog, and post my images.

It would be easy to slide and not post; but I thrive already from your responses.  Feeding Camachito was the easy part, getting Camachito to produce something was a different story.  I am not Camachito.  Today you see some of my Camachitos'.   Images that I had forgotten.  They were taken at Parque Chipinque near Monterrey, Mexico.  

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