Friday, April 9, 2010


There are times in life you want to soar, to feel free, and untethered from the mundane.  For whatever reason, I've hit that point.  The idea of drifting wherever the wind takes me does not make me fearful.  Could it be all that bad to want to float with other balloons?  Is it bad for you?

Have you thought about what keeps you from soaring?  What would happen if you just float for a bit?  What would you miss?  What would you see?  How would your perspective change?

The other day I noticed the tethers were loose.  I could feel the sensation of the wind carrying me.  Would it be so bad to be carefree?

Are we all at the mercy of the wind?  Isn't it more unnatural to be complacent with what we do?  The wind beckons and I wonder what it would be like to float.  There's still plenty of time left.  Time to float with the clouds and to observe things differently.

What is holding you back?  More than likely, it's you.  You are your own tether.  Let go and float before there's traffic in the sky.

I've got to go and check out the sky.  The wind is blowing and I want to float and soar above the clouds.

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