Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doors: Opened and Closed

Life presents us with many doors.  Some are interesting and some are not.  Some are closed and some need to be opened.  In Mexico, what's behind each door is usually more interesting than the building's facade.  Doors are simply ornaments to draw us in.  It seems that each is unique and announces a different message.  It's easy to be drawn to the doors but never knock or even enter.

They are portals; some entrances to splendid homes, churches, jardines (gardens), simple homes, and even empty lots.  Behind each door awaits an adventure.  An entrance to a different journey.  Doors are really the starting point.  The beginning of new journey.  Within one journey are many doors and new beginnings.  We choose the doors to knock on and which ones to open.

Some doors are cracked open and you can sneak peeks of what is in store.  Others are wide open and showcase whats ahead.  While others are shrouded in mystery.  The best are the ones that are closed because the mystery remains.

There are new doors today all of different sizes and shapes.  Some are closed, some are partially open, and some are wide open.  I choose to knock on doors and see where the journey leads me.

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