Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back to Basics

Kaaterskill Falls
Hunter, NY

An acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook how he has an aggressive form of cancer. He announced how he had always lead a healthy lifestyle but even so cancer struck him. His physicians told him that he has a fifty percent chance of surviving.

His note served as another reminder, one that I've been sensitive to since I started writing this blog; we do not live indefinitely. All of us have a predetermined amount of time and adventure on this planet. At some point time will run out.  If time is how we should keep score than it makes sense to use whatever time we have wisely and for our enjoyment. What would you do if you only knew?

The fact is that we all know we will face mortality. Yet we postpone pleasure and memories and for some we even postpone living. We fill our lives with stuff and work instead of friendships and family. We opt for things that depreciate in value and wane over time in lieu of memories which appreciate over time.

Make no mistake, this writer is guilty of this same transgression, but I've chosen to live my life deliberately as of late. My clock is ticking and my body assures me that it will not be forever young. Now I really don't want to miss anything. So my vision is not solely focused on the periphery but also above me and beyond the stars. There is more to all of this I know.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

After the Rain

Tumacacori and Clouds
Tumacacoria, AZ

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We are waiting here in Southeast Arizona for the advent of the monsoon. For now its all about what I've been told. Have not experienced yet the fantastic lightning nor the deluge of torrential rain which accompanies the monsoon. They say nearly six inches of rain falls during the monsoon season.

When it happens, I will head south to the grasslands of the San Rafael, Sonoita, and Patagonia where tall dry grasses will become green and dried up rivers will become flush with water and rush north to Tucson. The San Pedro and the Santa Cruz rivers will once again have water.

Suppose like nature, we too go through our dry spells shy of creativity perhaps even joy and laughter. The monsoons seem to come just in time to refresh and renew our parched souls. Looking forward to the rain.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Seeing Rainbows

Rainbow and Tumacacori Mission
Tumacacori, AZ

Late winter or early spring, I had the opportunity to swing by Tumacacori Mission. It had rained while I was there but truthfully I was looking for rainbows anyway. You know there's always some glimmer of optimism in us all.

Just so happened to glance at the mission and to my delight a rainbow appeared next to the mission. This image coincides with my message and theme darkness and light coexist. In my mind, however, light and hope prevail. We have to be patient but it pays to remain optimistic. Life is so much easier and happier when we do.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

If You Could Read My Mind

Red Fire Truck: Abandoned Glory
Patagonia, AZ

As I was looking at this old abandoned fire truck, I thought about what it would say to me if it could talk. Today, while looking at the photo, similar thoughts crept into my head but this time in the form of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind".

So looking at this image today, I wonder what kind of tales it would tell of volunteers putting out blazes in and around the town of Patagonia where ample ranches with endless grasslands abide. There must be some powerful stories enough for an a old time movie, I reckon. It all comes to me the romance of the San Rafael Valley just by looking at this blown out fire truck head lamp. What stories it could tell.

It sad to go through life always wondering and never experiencing I suppose. That's why its good to just venture out and go outside of your comfort zone. You won't have stories unless you do.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Journey's Eve

San Miguel Stroll
San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX

They said Enoch walked with God. Like Enoch, my father also tried all his life to walk in the path of the righteous. He had his shortcomings but he has inspired many with his work and deep caring friendships. My Dad till this day is surrounded by friendships made over decades.

Dad has often joked with me and addressed his own mortality and fears. "No one leaves this earth alive." He says. How true this is. It's not morbid but rather a statement of fact. We all must die. We make room so others might live. The cycle of life continues long after we are gone.

It may very well be that my father will be like his grandfather and bounce back from illness, I don't know. What I do know is this. That whatever my father wants, he deserves. If he is tired, then I will not get in his way. We will see what is in store for him, but for now, I would like to see my Dad walking a few more days and enjoying the life he has until he's ready to meet his maker, preferably in his sleep.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unexpected Treasures

Head Lamp & Green Fire Truck
Patagonia, AZ

Been thinking about where the treasures are and how to find them. Many times the treasures require searching and lie somewhere beyond the beaten path. Some times they are behind barriers like this chain link fence. Nevertheless there are life treasures to be found.

Some of the best treasures, I've found, are the unexpected random pleasures of meeting new people and establishing new friendships with strangers. Fellow sojourners on life's journey. To my surprise, I love people and care deeply for them. They enrich my life; its why I freely share both my art and words with them.

There are many who have more than me financially, but few have been blessed more. My treasure chest brims full with the friends and rich memories which I've accumulated. My manifest is full of treasures and my life is far from over. By the way I keep score, I should die a very wealthy man indeed.