Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kiss Your Horse

Eunice Ohanna, a friend of mine from San Miguel de Allende, told me that her art sometimes just comes to her.  When it does, she paints, sculpts, decorates, designs and crafts necklaces.  While it sounds amazing many artists frequently find themselves in similar modes of creativity.  We don't know why, but it just happens.

Creativity can be triggered by random things:  thoughts, words, smells, and noises.  Whatever the stimulus is it jars us to create.  We unfold it from our minds and cast it with our own hands.  They act on behalf of the germinated idea.  Through our process we make what was intangibly in our minds eye.

Sometimes we need to celebrate whatever it is that  initiates the creative process.  I couldn't help but read the sign on the obligatory Central Park carriage ride:  

If you had fun,
and like your ride,
Kiss your horse, 
and tip your guide.

Just may be it stimulated me to take the photo of the back of someone's head.  What do you think?

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