Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Logical

By training, I've always acted with my mind never my heart.  Recently, I've begone to wonder what would happen if I thought with my my mind but acted with my heart.  There's a difference.  One is about logic but the other is about feelings, emotions, and intangibles.  Both are relevant.

When I shoot, I find myself abandoning my logic constraints.  I lose track of time.  Subjects become less  important to me;  I focus on what is only relevant to my heart and eyes.  With my heart I find meaning and purpose.  My mind sees none its only logical.

It's not logical to find beauty in ugly barren places.  Yet it truly exists.  The mind grasps only the superficial, it can't comprehend feelings.  It's a computer.  Learning to let my lens find my emotions is now more important than ever.  I mine to find the beauty within each object I.

It's a conscious effort to override logic.  Making that choice becomes simpler when as I view through the lens.  I choose to find that beauty thats innate in all objects.  It's just not logical.

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