Friday, April 2, 2010


 the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident
 but seem to have some connection

It always intrigues me how things happen.  There have been so many events in my life that appear to be random but seem to connect down the road a piece.  I don't know why but they do.  That's definitely been my story for the past ten years.   So many links that are now connecting.  People who come into my life and connect me with others.

Several years ago, I met photographer, Dan Burkholder.  He not only has been my mentor but also a great friend.  Although he moved away from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we've remained in touch.  (These shots were taken near his home in the Catskills.)  As a result of my ties with him, I've made many new friends including Carter Love (who coincidentally owns some of Dan's prints) and Harry Sandler (whom I met at Dan's workshop in Palenville, N

Since then Harry and I have travelled and photographed together at Caddo Lake, Zion National Park, and Death Valley.  There are no coincidences, I believe.

It's good Friday today, coincidentally I saw Jesus standing in Palenville with his arms wide open.  Coincidentally, I shot this for my wife's friend, Teresa.  Aren't coincidences funny?

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