Monday, April 12, 2010

Missed Opportunities

This little restaurant along the Rio Grande east of Laredo claimed that it sold everything from pizzas to raspas (snow cones).  Unfortunately, it wasn't open as it posted.  Perhaps, I hit it on a "closed" Monday.  Along the journey we see opportunities that seem a bit confusing.  They are clustered; lost among details.

Opportunities aren't always obvious and move quickly.  Imagine you are standing alongside a railroad bed. A freight train ladened with goods is coming towards you.  It's really not traveling very fast but nonetheless it's moving.  You see it in the distance and you can discern all of it's details.  Each car has something to offer.  If you wait too long the details become obscure because of the motion.

Within moments, the opportunity is passing you.  The details become blurred by the motion.  You watch the opportunity pass you in a whirl.  It was there but now gone.  It's down the road too distant to catch.  Now you have to wait for the next opportunity.  Will you catch it?  Will you hesitate again?

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