Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Concentric Circles

Suzie and Kim (my wife), two cousins, have played their whole lives.  Their passion is decorating homes and packing them with warmth and nostalgia.  They draw from their childhood memories.  A time spent in the haven of their grandparents simply playing together on hot summer texas days, as cousins and best friends.  It was a time of vivid imaginations and simple things:  mud pies and pets.

Still today they spend hours finding treasures (nostalgic pieces) from days gone by.  What some people would people discard, they somehow turn it into decorative art.  After nearly twenty four years, they've made me into a believer of their crafts.

It seems that we've got concentric circles.  I enjoy photographing the vignettes that they create.  For me, it has the reward of finding their hidden treasure and opening it.  I enjoy the staged details I find in their homes.  It's good to stop and enjoy the simple treasures we share in common.

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