Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter: Resurrection of Friends

The Christian world commemorates today the resurrection of Jesus.  There will be many feasts today as lent and fasting coming to an end.

Without offense, I would like to pause and reflect on a different twist to the concept of resurrection.   I celebrate the resurrection of friends and through that resurrection, the renewal of hope.  Blessed are those that have good friends, for their lives shall become rich with meaning and joy.

A couple of blogs ago, I spoke of coincidences.  As I sorted through images for the blog, I stumbled across this photo of a new friend I made in San Miguel de Allende, writer and professor, Chet Kozlowski.  I had lost track of him since taking this photo several years ago in San Miguel.  We met twice at a cafe near the Parroquia.  He agreed to let me shoot his portrait.  I happened to think he looked like Hemingway, my favorite writer, and we struck up many conversations.

Like me in the solace of the morning, Chet was pursuing his journey.  Two strangers on parallel paths each looking for his place in the universe.  A resurrection from corporate death.  The Parroquia bells rung that day.  We came to life.

Coincidentally, I emailed Chet yesterday.  Here's a partial excerpt from his email:

I came across the photo you gave me, wondered if you were still taking photos.

Wondering too if you’re still going down to SMA.
All questions answered by your letter.

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