Friday, September 23, 2011

Tis The Gift to be Simple

Two Sheds and Barn
Near Greenville, PA

As I mentioned yesterday, I am working on my next card and print series and I am excited at the results.  The tones on the matte card stock are rich and ethereal. I don't know why I have not printed these before. It could very well be that it was not the right time.

You tend to forget some of the places that you have been to and the images you have captured along the journey. For the past eleven years, I stopped and taken the time to note where I am, study the light and frame the image at least in my mind. Often times, I come back another day when I have time to practice my craft.

Capturing the image is only part of the process. The real work starts with the post processing and image interpretation. Letting the image cure over time and letting your skills mature makes for interesting art. The bottom line is simply that I want my viewers to walk away grasping the emotion and warmth of the moment through the filter of my mind's eye.

Andrew Wyeth's paintings have inspired me for many years. If I could paint, my images would resemble his, a style which encompasses fantastic lighting, simple compositions, and romantic landscapes and images.

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