Thursday, September 8, 2011

Along the Way

On Top of the World
Rocky Mountain National Park

Along the way on our most recent road trip, I met perfect strangers, sojourners like me. One of my new acquaintances was a young tall handsome man with a lean physique like a runner named Adam who was on his honeymoon with his beautiful wife Stefanie. Although I didn't know Adam, he approached me while I was shooting at the top of the summit of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Adam seemed to be curious and interested by what I was doing. He didn't hesitate to come up to me a stranger. We struck up a conversation about cameras and photography. He also had a similar camera to mine and I told him about all of its wonderful features. On top of the mountain, Adam got a personal tutorial from me.

Actually there was more that happened on top of that mountain. My wife and his wife waited patiently in our respective cars as we lost track of time. We couldn't help it. Something happened to me on that mountain that day. Adam drew it out of me. I love photography. It's not only an obsession, but also a passion of mine. I also enjoy teaching others what I know and I enjoy learning from them too. This is not only what interests me but it's who I really am.

After what appeared to be minutes but I am sure was forever for our spouses, I returned to our vehicle. I was a new person. All my worries and cares about what was ahead of me vanished. My fears and phobias subsided as I thought about what just transpired. It was part of my satori experience.

The journey is filled with many similar encounters. We must be receptive and listen to our discoveries along the way. Two strangers met on a mountain top and became friends, sojourners on parallel paths. I gave him my card and since then he "friended" me on Facebook. I hope to meet him again; this time we will pick up where we left off and continue our friendship, no longer strangers.

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