Monday, September 12, 2011

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum on 9/11/11
Keller, TX

For those of you who might have forgotten our national emblem reads E Pluribus Unum. It means in Latin out of many one. Whether we think of the origins of the diverse thirteen colonies that originally formed the union we still call the United States of America, or we think about the diversity of our country since then; we still are a nation that reacts as one and we represent many. This was reinforced by the reactions and behavior of our citizens on ten years on a bright morning in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA.

In Memory of Lives Lost and 9/11 Heroes
Keller, TX
Nearly three thousand were murdered that day. The dead represented a diverse group from ninety six different countries. That day we shared shared the horror as one nation, as Americans not as Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Independents: E Pluribus Unum.

We all remember were we were that day. My wife was imploring me to stay and not catch my flight to Guadalajara, Mexico. I waived her off and headed to DFW Airport. After going through security and reaching my gate, I noticed that none of the TV monitors were working. I still was not sure about what had happened and I boarded my plane. Several minutes later we were all asked to leave the plane. The rest of the details became foggy, but I remember the eerie and surreal silence. It wasn't until I saw a TV in a nearby restaurant within the terminal that I realized what was happening. A plane had struck the Pentagon. I still didn't know about the others.

Not Forgotten
Keller, TX
People were in shock at the airport but under control. I called my son and he picked me up at the airport. I was still ok. Three days later, I couldn't stop shaking. Fear struck me. My whole job depended on my ability to get on an airplane and see clients and prospects.

By the end of the week, my nerves were in tatters and my wife knew she had to get me out of the house. We went to visit my father-in-law. He said to me in a matter of fact calm voice: "Damn there must have been something we did to piss those people off". Unfortunately, while we have succeed capturing and killing Bin Laden and many of his accomplices, we have not asked nor solved the question and riddle.

Fallen Americans
Keller, TX
As one nation, we should ask questions about both our national policies and our corporate policies. We know for certain that some hate us, but we need to ask why. For the most part, we are better off than most in the world. That is a wonderful thing, but we also consume as a nation more of the same resources that others want and need for their growth. Until we address our consumption including our energy footprint, we risk more attacks from extremists of all kinds. War does not answer the question why even when they are just. The next generation must ask why and prevent war. War is always more expensive than peace.

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