Monday, September 5, 2011

Outstretched Hand

Outstretched Hand & Harbor
National Harbor, MD

My niece orchestrated her wonderful wedding at National Harbor, MD. It was a great opportunity for us to once again escape from the oppressive Texas heat. Sixty plus days of 100 degree weather takes its toll on the spirit. Sitting at the edge of pier staring at calm waters of the Potomac was a welcome respite.

On the shore, I noticed the outstretched arm and hand of Poseidon. The silhouette captivated my attention. The position of the hand implied stress of some sort. The events of the past week and even the past month quickly came to mind. Financial markets succumbed to crisis of sovereign debt and lapses of political resolve. Mother nature inflicted its own natural stress with both an earthquake and a hurricane along the northeast corridor. Already saturated soil enabled rivers to overflow and add more injury.

The hand, the stressed hand reaches toward the sky defiantly and almost in anger challenging nature and fate. We are not helpless. We control how we react. Nature continues and so does life. There is an eventual balance to all of the perceived madness. I look across the banks of the Potomac and the river continues its flow towards the sea.

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