Monday, September 5, 2011

Mid-life Discovery

Reagan National Airport
iPhone Capture

During the early stages of life, children spend endless amounts of time discovering their world through play. Discovery seems to stop somewhere along the age when responsible jobs and marriage take hold. The focus gets interrupted and growth for most stops or is postponed indefinitely.

For nearly ten years, I've been in a new phase of my life. At first, I thought it was a "mid-life" crisis but I soon learned that it had nothing to do with either sport cars, women, pinky rings, piercings, and or tattoos. For me instead, I felt a deep seated restlessness. I felt that I had some other purpose for my life but I didn't know what is was. In Spanish this restlessness is called inquietud. 

In time, I learned to accept the feeling and that feeling lead to a tremendous desire to self discover and to explore my universe. My mid-life crisis became mid-life discovery. Each day, I feel now that I need to write something about my journey. I am driven by it in fact. In addition, I find myself wanting to explore my world more with my camera and even iPhone as if I want to capture each moment that I am awake. 

Life is meant to be lived. Its not meant to be spent on a couch watching what others have accomplished. Retirement is a fools dream. We were meant to create, do, and act. That's been the largest part of my discovery. I no longer wish my days away nor do I choose to postpone things for a later day. I want to live each day fully and get the most out of it. I write and I photograph and I will write and photograph until I can no longer do either. If that happens, then you will just have to listen to me tell you my stories and verbally paint my images.

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