Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Here

Amish Barn
Near Greenville, PA

I've been touting the autumn's approach this week. Today we celebrate it's official birthday. I am excited to share new autumn images with you. This image was taken in the heart of Amish country just outside of Greenville, PA. It took me two business trips, but the second time I had to stop even if it was for a few moments. You have to make each day count even if you are away on business. Make each day count. 

This image will be featured in my new "Autumnal Joy" card and print series. It does me no good to just have the memories in digital form. My friend Harry Sandler once told me it's not a photograph until you print it. I share his sentiment.

You might want think about placing your orders soon. The last series "Memories of the Southwest" sold quickly to my delight. Again these cards are 5x7, archival, and printed on quality card stock. The collection features a box of eight hand crafted 5x7 limited edition card prints signed by me. It would make a wonderful gift. The cost is $32/box plus $4 shipping and handling. If you purchase two sets your total cost is $68.  If you purchase three sets or more, we will ship at no cost to you.  I do accept all major credit cards.  Let me know if you have an interest. Feel free to forward this blog to your friends. You can contact me directly at

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