Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Brake For Details

Puerta:  Casa Lajas

I don't know if it was my mother's garment industry background or if it's just my OCD nature, but since I was a child, I've always noticed the details.  This fascination serves me well as I spend time behind the view finder.  The whole simply is not as interesting to me as the details that make up the whole.

There's so much to notice in the details.  So much is obscured by looking at the whole.  The beauty is in the interrelationship between the detail and how it composes the whole.  The details are the links that make the picture complete.  There's no devil in the details. 

The details provide us not only with colors, but also with textures and contrasts that make the image appealing.  As we observe the details, we notice what makes that image truly unique.  We begin to comprehend why we are/were drawn to it.  The details are the soul of the image.  If we learn to manipulate the details, we can change the emotion of the image.  Details provide the depth or the added dimensions required to feel the image.

It's funny while I might not remember names, I certainly can recall the details about objects and people.  I will recall facial characteristics, birthmarks, quirks, and shoes.  More importantly, I notice how they are and observe how they think.      An image begins to form in my head.  Then again, I am a photographer, I am supposed to notice the details.

You will be surprised what you will notice if you only take the time to observe.  Add another dimension to your life.  Pay attention to what is happening all around you.  Open up your eyes and you will be surprised at what your soul will find and embrace.  A change of attitude and perspective will definitely follow.

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