Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been having this feeling for a while; a feeling that I need to be doing something worthwhile.  It's one of those sensations that just wont go away.  It's an uneasiness that you need to be doing and making something of your life.  It's never bothered me as much as it has these past couple of years.

When I write and when I photograph those feelings subside; perhaps my true nature is appeased.  My need to communicate surfaces.  I enjoy relating stories and making a difference.  My images are my attempt not only to make you feel better, but to put you in my shoes as I see the world.  Even the desert is misnamed, it's not barren.  Death Valley taught me that lesson well.

Today, I am packing my camera and my bags.  I am on a journey.  Don't ask me to where because I really don't know exactly.  It will take me through the Texas panhandle and somewhere through New Mexico.  All I know it that I have this feeling.  In Spanish we call it inquietud.  It's unsettling but I have to listen to the overwhelming urge to move and to act.  I have a purpose, I know I do.  The lens and camera will act as my purpose divining rod.  This time I will let the journey lead me.  

The full moon is coming  tomorrow.  Let's see what I discover.  Thanks Harry and Dan for jump starting me on this journey.  God knows I've been stuck for a while.  Thanks Kim for letting me explore.  

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