Thursday, July 8, 2010

Atontonilco: A Place of Refuge

Sojourners need refuge.  Places to lay down their burdens and rest.  The church of Atontonilco in Atontonilco, Mexico is one such place.  It has offered refuge for many pilgrims from all over Mexico.  The nearby hot springs also offered its healing powers.  Both soul and body found comfort in Atontonilco.

Today the frescoes of the church have been restored.  The shrine of Atontonilco acts as a modern day reminder that we all need rest.  We need places to forget about our cares.  Places to reconnect with our spirit.  Places that offer us both silence and direction.

We stopped for a few minutes at the church.  We looked at the children practicing for their first communion.  We sat down and listened.  There was something special going on at Atontonilco.  I think it was the life that we frequently forget to have.  We are busy too busy getting to the next place and meeting our next goal.  In the mean time, Atontonilco awaits the weary peregrino (pilgrim).

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