Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's Wrong with Chasing Rainbows?

Some might say that I am a dreamer, a rainbow chaser.  Others say that I am too theoretical, too much of a thinker.   I choose to feel and experience life.  My eyes, ears, and heart are wide open.  For the rest of my life, I choose to keep on dreaming and to chase rainbows.

I've been lucky in this life.  Many of my dreams have come true.  I've done things that I dreamed of as a child and experienced them as an adult.  I am far from done dreaming.  There are still many more things that I would like to come true.

If the worse criticism that people can give me is about dreams and rainbows, then I choose to keep dreaming and chasing rainbows.  My life is rich even though I am not.  My journey has taken me to and through some incredible places.  My heart was open and receptive to what the universe had to share with me.

Choose to chase dreams and rainbows.  Let your heart feel, your eyes see, your nose smell, and your ears hear.  Experience life with all of your senses and you will find the joy it has to offer.  Open up and let yourself feel.  It truly is the only way to live, one frame at a time.

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