Saturday, July 10, 2010

A River Runs Through It

A Passage Through Zion

The mountain cliffs obstruct my view.  They tower in front of me as insurmountable obstacles; just like the many we face in life.  

For each obstacle we face, there are different  choices.  Some choices are obvious but others require thought and vision.  We can climb over the obstacles or find other ways to get to the other side.  The river runs swiftly through the canyon.  The answers lie around the bend.  The river will take me swiftly on my journey to the other side of the cliffs.  My fear of heights abates.

We deal with life obstacles.  They are not always pleasant.  Each obstacle provides a lesson.  Each has its own solution set.  As I proceed on my journey, I think about how swiftly the current will take me through the canyon.  I choose to let the currents take me on a different and unfamiliar venue;  through the canyon and on to the other side.  For now, I will not have to climb, there are other answers.

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