Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Symmetry and Light

Things do have a way of repeating themselves in life.  You can plan things out carefully in your life but there are many things that can happen outside of your plan and out of your control.  Having a plan is a great thing but I think being flexible is the best plan you can have.

Before I remarried, I remember how I wanted to be stable in my job before I took on the responsibilities of my new prefab family of two children.  I felt that I needed to be in my job for at least a year.  Two weeks before we all married,  our sales management positions evaporated and we were demoted back to the sales force.  Six weeks later I was out of work.  My plan was shattered.

Like a shunned lover, I decided that no one would hurt me again.  I shied away from the allure of the job I had and changed industries.  Again I made my plans and my spreadsheets confident that nothing would happen again.  The first Gulf War came and I lost my job and the spreadsheets again were shattered.  Six months later I was back in the business that I had shunned and continued to do that.  For nearly a decade I suffered the changes of a changing industry.

Again I tried to control my life and left the industry to pursue a more stable career this time purchasing and moving scrap south of the border.  The adventure was enormous.  For nine years, it proved to be a stable job and provided me with the income and security I wanted.  I made my plans again and again they were shattered.

Spreadsheets are fine but be flexible.  Your plans will change.  There's a symmetry in life, a line that you should not cross.  It's ok to dream, and you should, but learn to be flexible.  Things never quite happen the way you intended.   Perhaps the best plan is to be flexible.

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