Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tubac For Sure

Artist Residence
Tubac, AZ

Tried hooking up with a local photographers' group yesterday hoping to connect with kindred spirits. 
I was disappointed the group really was more point and shoot than I am accustomed. Right now, I am looking to be challenged. I am not interested in doing it like everyone else or for that matter care. It's more about my rules and how I see it now.

It seems that here in the desert, in the stillness of the outdoors, I've found my own voice in its solitude. So now I experiment with images captured strictly for composition merits. My heart renders the tones and moods as I process them later. My images as of late are surrounded by melancholic shades but driven towards light. I paint both in to add drama and contrast, we live with both.

Today was chilly but sunny. Knowing that to waste a day is waste creative time, I chose to explore somewhere new. Packed up some gear and two iPhones and headed south towards Nogales. Stopped at the artist enclave known as Tubac.

There are endless shops of artisans and vendors in this quaint community. I strolled at a brisk pace simply to keep warm. Around several corners and past the old church, I met an artist who was working outdoors in a courtyard, taking in the sunshine and the good company of friends and spectators. Within a short time I made friends with the strangers as we talked about art, inspiration, and places to live: Tucson vs. Tubac.

Left only because the sun was moving in my favor and I knew I needed to get a few frames in before dark. As I was walking back to my car this old artist gallery and residence caught my attention. The light appeared to be working right and I shot off three exposures on my iPhone. The rest was an exercise in interpreting the light and colors which struck me there at that time of day. I suppose I was also inspired by my new friends too.

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