Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mountain Rain

High Desert Storm
Catalina Foothills
Tucson, AZ

"Every mountaintop is within reach
if you just keep climbing."

Barry Finlay, Kilamanjaro and Beyond

Every morning when I get up my routine is quite similar: start the coffee, get dishes out of dish washer, get out of bowl, mix my own cereal blend, pour a class of orange juice, catch up on some news on my iPad, and look at the mountains. I study the mountains daily looking for changes in light and observing the reflections of light and the cast of shadows. Each day is different.

Never thought about rain in Tucson. While below, it can create havoc, near the mountain summits it brings tremendous overwhelming majestic awe inspiring changes where clouds provide regal robes to mountains and shrouds them with mystery; a coronation fit for royalty. We observe from below what it envelopes but we never know what it has clandestinely dropped off.

Like many of those below, I watch and I capture the moment. As I process the images, gradually the beauty comes to life and is revealed not by my camera, but through my mind's eye. So sight translates to feeling by the time I print. The result, one image, interpreted by this forlorn sojourner from his point of view.

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