Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding Your Voice

Sunset At Pima Canyon
Tucson, AZ
I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God I am as good as the best.
-Walt Whitman

It's been a long time coming but gradually I'm finding my artistic voice. The light and the desert-scapes surrounding Tucson have inspired me. If anything else, I understand why the universe has placed me here at this place at this time. Although I've bellyached the whole time because of things out of my control, this part, my creative part has benefitted tremendously.

Peson de Pima
Tucson, AZ
Like Walt Whitman I celebrate who I am and "sing the song of myself". God gave me an overabundance of sensitivity in lieu of brains. I sense things before I know them. My world is sensual and metaphysical. It's of the intangible. Yet it's as real as the fact that you and I exist. This is what I have to do. If I stop, my life and its enjoyment ends.

So I am here in the wilderness to work, explore, create, witness, and testify. My work is far from perfect and my heart is far from pure. My life is raw and awakened by my senses. They dictate that I note the details so that others might see a whole beautiful life to live if you we bother to look. Life is for us to fulfill we take what it offers us and live everything in between birth and death. We control neither extreme but influence all in between. What we do between the extremes is called living.

In the movie "The King's Speech", King George VI was determined if not haunted by his desire to find his voice. In his frustration, attributed to his stammering disorder, he shouts, "I have a voice." That quote still resonates within me. To some extent, I believe I've found it. Of all of my longings and all my dreams and fantasies this has been foremost on my mind. It's taken me a long time to discover the person I am. What I believed was my curse may very well be my salvation. Welcome creativity back into my life. I have a voice and I've found you.

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