Friday, January 18, 2013

Dreams and Streams

Catskill Dreams and Streams
Haines Falls, NY

When I was young I envisioned having an opportunity to travel outside of my home town of Winsted, CT. To me, there was a whole life that I wanted to experience and taste. Knowing this, I shaped my life in such a way, that adventure was always nearby. All the time emblazoned in my mind were all kinds of images that I had seen in books and magazines. That's the life I wanted. Didn't want someone to tell me about it rather I wanted to experience it myself.

We can sit and absorb TV and someone else's messages and voice or we can choose to experience them ourselves first hand and form our own conclusions and views of the world. My images are a chronicle of what I didn't want to miss and what you might want to experience and feel.

For years, I stuffed myself with food to suppress the fact that I wanted to feel and venture out beyond my corporate role. The adventures stopped and parts of me withered. About a dozen years things in my life began to change and fate put me in situations where I had to adapt and change. My thinking continues to evolve, but my photography is the catalyst for change within my own life. I want to see and to feel and I don't want anyone else to tell me about it.

As a realist and a pragmatic person, I know that life is not always pretty. What I do know is that someplace somewhere it is or will be. People like me live for that hope that opportunity to find hidden treasures. Happiness is illusive it may even hide just beneath the surface buried by our negative thoughts. Changing how we see and expanding our minds helps us to find the beautiful and that illusive happiness.

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