Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Another Day

Saguaro at Sunset
Pima Canyon
Tucson, AZ

It was another day filled with mundane selling chores; knock on a door, hope to be let in, and if lucky find a live deal or two. The focus of course is to try to validate your existence by getting a live deal. We went out in two's like Mormon Missionaries without the bikes, white shirt, and obligatory ties. We were carefree and seasoned like Jehovah's Witnesses on a Saturday morning; rejection was not a problem

The past two days have been laborious. The weather has been cold and my spirits have missed my long hikes at dusk. This late afternoon was different. Our weather reversed back to normal and I once again had the desire to venture on my customary hike.

Within a minutes into my hike, my head cleared, the noise subsided, and I was taking in all of the beauty put on display for me to enjoy. That's right for me, it was placed there for me, an audience of one but nevertheless an attentive full house.

The saguaros greeted me with their limbs extended like open arms. They embraced and welcomed me on my hike. This could very well be why I enjoy taking portraits of these inanimate objects. They have human like welcoming tendencies. When I walk amongst them, I don't feel alone with either my thoughts or by the fact that I miss a place called home.

The sun begins to set and I take my seat as a spectator of nature's live theater. The curtain rises and a lone lit saguaro occupies  the center stage, spot lit. This seat was worth waiting for. My day is complete and suddenly worthwhile, no rejection; the saguaros welcome and beckon me in.

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