Saturday, January 26, 2013

Passing Through

Passing Storm Clouds
Catalina Foothills
Tucson, AZ

Woke up this morning to the unfamiliar sounds of pouring rain. It caused me to slow down my routine and close my eyes for a few more minutes of sweet repose. Lazily I finally staggered out of bed made myself breakfast and an aromatic cup of coffee.

Decided to spend some time out on the patio sipping coffee and listening to the wet symphony providing refreshing music to my ears and coolness to my spirit. A lazy morning rain spawned my creativity and I knew the clouds and overcast would make for breathtaking imagery up on the mountain.

Twice I went up the mountain the first time I was greeted quickly by a brisk shower. The second time the clouds cooperated and the rains ceased to be no more. I waited patiently watching the clouds break their way over the mountains and linger like a lovers touch. The touch that reaffirms that you are ok. The mountains and clouds meant for each other.

The choreography between clouds and mountains moved swiftly by, but at a pace that I was able to enjoy. Full clouds and then wisps of clouds covered the peaks and crept through the canyons while the sun interrupted with its own interlude.

So much to enjoy even both during and after the rain. 

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