Friday, January 11, 2013

Bob Marley in Desert

View from the Catalinas
Tucson, AZ

Trying to keep up with my walking routine to keep my neurons healthy and to keep them from misfiring. The outdoors and the desert light help burn away the darkness that often creeps in this time of the year. I am learning to utilize melancholia into my art. My sensitivity to light has come to play.

Light and color have filled my palette as of late. It truly doesn't matter if I use my digital SLR or my iPhone. I feel, focus, and forge ahead with composition. The images aren't always perfect. They no longer are about perfection or all of the rules. Instead the are all about archiving and conveying a mood.

Sunset near Drexel Heights
Tuscon, AZ
For someone blessed with an over abundance of sensitivity, this has been my salvation. I am able to express myself without going grey. Even my greyest image feature the light which ultimately guides us out.

So here I sit nearly a week since my last post. Marley is singing in the background tunes such as Buffalo Soldier and No Woman No Cry. Trying to balance my struggles in a new job, the loneliness of solitude, and acclimating to a new city.

Resentment has begun to give way to acceptance and understanding. As I look, at my creative work, I note that none of the adventure and photography would have occurred had I still had my former corporate job. Even on my bad days, the new journey offers me incredible hikes and color. As much as I can be melancholic, I love the fact that I've had an opportunity to turn an adverse situation into a positive event. To that extent, I choose to let the light me out of the darkness, a daunting task for a logical rational personal.

To all of you I exhort you to "Getup standup for your right, Getup standup don't give up your fight." You hear me now...."Now you see the light, Standup for your right." You can succumb to the noise of your mind. You must let your heart and eyes guide you. That requires being awake to your surroundings and engaging and participating in your life. To that extend we must "get together and feel alright."

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