Thursday, March 1, 2012

Portrait of a Young Salesman

Portrait of a Young Car Salesman
Fort Worth, TX

Every once in a while you come across an individual who truly impresses you. Most of us dread the experience of shopping for a new car. The main reason we dread this is the reputation that care salesman have. They tend to be deceitful, obnoxious, pushy, and ruthless.

The reason I met the fellow pictured above was precisely because the other competing Volkswagen dealership drove me away by their antiquated style. I hate being made to think that the automobile I am interested is the last one on earth and I need to make my decision today. It's about as bad as when an evangelical preacher delivers a poor sermon right before lunch and insists on an altar call.  Even with hunger pangs I would rather hold out than to heed the pontifical beckoning.

This was not the case with my new friend. He did not push but rather he just wanted to make sure I was a serious buyer. We shot straight with each other and it was a completely harmless event. His style worked extremely well with a difficult buyer like myself.

The situation was so complete that I took out my iPhone and photographed the noble man. I would like to print this image and print it on aluminum. The techniques I used to render the final image really lend themselves to be printed on metal. By the way, how do I sell him this image without being or sound too pushy? It's a great image of a very handsome fine fellow. At the end of the day, let's face it, I'm in sales too!!


  1. This takes me back a bit....I used to do aluminum, copper and mirror etchings using beeswax some acid and toothpicks + scalpels etc...
    but they were mainly outlines not actual pics, I wonder how you do this on aluminum as a pic - please let me know.
    As for how to sell it to him without being pushy, well don't think I can help much just got to show it to him and go by his reaction i guess.
    & yes good looking i must say!

    1. Thank you for you encouragement Michelle!! Since the image was "artificially" textured, I can print it myself on aluminum or go to a reputable third party. What I feel will happen is that the aluminum material will enhance the luminosity of the image. This is one I plan on experimenting with until I get it to my satisfaction.


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