Thursday, March 8, 2012


Caddo Lake
Uncertain, TX
To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.
William Shakepeare

Feeling pensive and reflective this morning. My body anticipates the pending time change and the onset of spring. Rather than fight the natural wake up call, I choose to get up and write a few thoughts before the start of the day.

My friend Harry and I love going to Caddo Lake to shoot. It's a place where we can withness and absorb the changes a day and light can bring. Through the trees and and crowded bayous and the open spaces of the lake, we view Caddo's  ethereal complex and primal simplicity. In the morning, it's our own Jurassic Park. We say nothing or very little, sit back and enjoy the conductor-less symphony and witness the strains from life's orchestra from the cheap seats.

We think about the lake and how appropriate the city's name where we launch is for our journey: Uncertain, TX. There's nothing certain about what we will find that day. There's nothing certain what we will find any day. What is certain, is that we have another opportunity to live and to enjoy what the day brings. We have to look beyond the trees and perhaps in them as well. None knows what the day will bring.

Good day to play some John Denver: Poems, Prayers, and Promises.

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