Saturday, February 25, 2012

School Girl Dreams in Living Color

Puerto Rican School Girl
Barrio Rocha, Moca, Puerto Rico

My cousin never married but he always wanted to have a family. His mother fostered many children late in life. He chose to adopt two sisters that she fostered; he has raised them with the help of his parents.

The sisters once had nothing but nightmares and little hope. They had nothing to look forward to and nothing to hope for. Thanks to my cousin's love and the kindness of his parents, for his children nightmares have been replaced by soothing dreams.

The uniformed young lady in the picture above is on her way to becoming a model. That's her dream. Although she must wear a uniform to go to school, she has already figured out how make her own statement. She has found her voice. The nightmares are gone and the dreams have come in their place.

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