Monday, March 5, 2012

The Athlete

The Athlete

Every once in a while, we meet a special person. Someone who stands out not by what we simply see from the outside, but from what we can also sense from within. Last night that experience happen to me as I worked on capturing an off season athlete for a special project I am working on. With out a doubt I could sense my subject's playfulness, warmth, and kindness.

This athlete was noble in his demeanor and kind with his words. He has crafted his body to withstand the physical stress of the game of football and to chase his dreams. His discipline and focus has all been channeled to master the grid iron and to pursue a chance at playing professionally in the NFL. He is half-way there and already plays in the CFL.

We struck a relationship right away; not of camera, photographer, and client, but of two people chasing a dream and a passion. There was no barrier between us men. It simply became one shared of shared dreams and personal ambition. Passion is the stuff in life that makes it all worthwhile. The pursuit of personal passion and dreams yields profound pleasure and satisfaction.

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