Monday, March 26, 2012

A Family Moment

Quincy & Family

Quincy at One
Time has moved swiftly. Friends of my children are now having children of their own. It seems like yesterday when we were busy taking images of special moments too. It's a real joy for me when I have the opportunity to archive and partake of life's simple joys and memories.

Given my experience now, I allow myself to feel and interpret each frame I shoot. I visualize it as art hanging on wall covered with beautiful memories and broad smiles. A while ago, I was concerned that if I did portrait photography I would betray my desire to create fine art. My subjects however allow me the freedom to still create beautiful images that touch the heart. My images take on a life of their own and reflect the warmth that I sense around me. As I prepare to process an image, I allow myself to feel and interpret the frames all over again.

It seems that I spent  a quarter of my life sublimating many feelings. To that extent not only did I cheat myself but my family as well. Now I have a fresh opportunity to dream, experience, and feel. As an artist, I am challenged to convey emotions on to a blank canvas. In my silent way, I communicate and paint with tones, colors, contrast, and light. In many ways, I feel that I am both artist and cantor combined as one, beckoning others to partake in a choir lead by experience.

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