Saturday, March 17, 2012

Remington Romance

A Dash For the Timber
Frederic Remington
Amon Carter Museum

Spent most of yesterday at the Amon Carter museum in Fort Worth. The museum holds an extensive collection of western art by American master Frederic Remington. 

Frederic Remington
Amon Carter Museum
While western art is not my favorite style,  Remington's attention to detail and firsthand knowledge of his subjects (primarily horses) combined with his fascination with light (in his paintings) intrigue me. This becomes quite obvious to most, as it did with me, as you view his body of work.

After a while of studying, you notice how carefully he introduces subtle magenta tones into both mountains and foreground dust. Remington and his contemporary Charles Marion Russell without a doubt witnessed these lighting effects in the field. The colors rendered are not those of a vicarious experience.

Lone Photographer at Zabriske Point
Death Valley, CA
For me it was an epiphany to notice my attraction to the same subtle color found in the artistry of both men. I was drawn to it and realized that I also had an image of the west with that same magenta cast. It was an image shot nearly two years ago in Death Valley in the early morn. Its presence in my image adds majestic grandeur and gentle credibility to my photographic canvas.

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