Friday, March 30, 2012

We Have Our Moments

Working On a Tear

It's fun to observe toddlers. They have many moods and in a matter of seconds can demonstrate them all. It seems that regardless of what happens they are quick to adapt. If they fall, they pick themselves back up, even after a hard landing. They are resilient.

As I was photographing this little girl, I knew that if I waited long enough she would eventually smile for me. In the mean time, I wanted to capture all of her moods even when she wanted to shed a tear.

Between the years, we forget, if we simply wait long enough the good times come once again and with them bring back smiles upon our faces. There's a lot we can learn from children. Like them we have our moments, we fall, and we need to pick ourselves back up again. We wipe away our tears and smile once again.

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