Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take a Step

Take a Step
(From Card Series: The Power of Words)

Many of you know that part of my daily routine consists of walking four miles every day. It's a great habit to help clear the head and keeps my body moving. 

The most difficult part of exercise is not the task itself. Taking the very first step of putting on one's shoes is the hardest exercise of all. Determination only precedes action. Action, the act of putting on the shoes and venturing out the door, is the most difficult task. Once, the inertia is sustained, there's no stopping us. This holds true for some many things in life: education, business, personal goals, and even sports.

What steps are you going to take today that will lead to your success? Today, I have a local guild meeting to attend and will do more networking. I also have some additional business cards to order and a new website to develop. Steps, all small steps, but they are necessary to achieve my goals. You can't just win a war with aerial bombings; you have to have troops on the ground. We are on this journey together: "Come Away with Me".

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