Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Negative to Positive

Comet Dancing
Keller, Tx

Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop.
 - Anonymous

In Texas, we tend to exaggerate things. Everything is larger in Texas from buildings to boobs. (We even sent one to the White House and were prepared to loan you our governor too.) Our weather is also extreme and when it rains, it just doesn't come down, it comes down sideways and in buckets.

We had quite the rainstorm the other evening; the type even frogs have a difficult time swimming in. According to our weather reports, we had approximately six inches in some parts of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Given our recent bout with drought few complained. Our lakes (reservoirs) are full to the brim once again. So what otherwise some would construe as negative was actually quite a positive event for us.

I suppose that as we reflect on our lives, we would find that many of the perceived negatives were nothing more than minor league preparation for something grand. The negatives help us "develop". Think about it.

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