Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tip of Hat

Tip of Hat
Photographer and Mentor: Dan Burkholder

Many photographers post their work online. Few give credit to their information sources. One of the godfathers of iPhone Artistry is world renown fine art master photographer and instructor Dan Burkholder. Dan's work spans both the wet and digital worlds. His students receive the benefits of his experience in both worlds, his Brooks Institute fine art training, and his sense of humor.

Dan teaches students to throw fear aside, pay attention to composition, and to experiment with perhaps the only photographic tool they might have at their side, the iPhone. He claims and proves that within their grasp, they have a powerful device which can produce masterful pieces of art. He teaches his students the core applications that are out there to render both serious and at times not so serious prints. For those of us infatuated by photography, he eliminates the excuse to not take a photo.

If you not able to take a workshop with Dan, please pick up a copy of Petersen's Photographic Digital Photography Guide. It's a special issue now available on the newsstands , iPhone for Photographers, featuring exclusive tutorials by Dan Burkholder.

Dan has been a personal friend of mine since 2000. He has mentored me ever since then and I am very proud to tip my hat to him any opportunity I get. In Texas we say: "Dance with the one who brung ya". I agree photographers need to respect those who have taught them their skills. Let's give credit to those that have earned it. Personally, I am curious as to what techniques, tools, and processes he will pioneer next.

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