Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Acquisitions and Dispositions: "Forget You"

Niño con Paleta
San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX

We live in a society that thrives on and encourages lifetimes of acquisitions. For a brief moment, during the Christmas season, the focus shifts to dispositions, not simply of gifts, but of making smiles. While many of us can think of what we don't have few of us truly live in misery.

A couple, I know called me each separately within the same week. Their tune was the same. They both gloated about their fantastic tropical vacation and how good they have it. The husband talked about how wonderful his new year was going to start with some fantastic big deal. When I switched gears and talked about how Congress appears to lack compassion like the C in Christmas. He took offense. It's all Obama's fault he said.

No this is not about politics. I was simply talking about caring and showing compassion and consideration for our fellow human beings. I argued this is not about right or wrong ideology, this is about doing what is right.  We do not have the underprivileged solely so we can say that they are "blessed and shall inherit the kingdom of God." There's more to it than this.

The wife was equally at fault telling me about her indulgence and how their vacation was well deserved. Given her ebullience, I asked her for a very simple favor. I could sense by her verbal dance that the answer was no. Before she could finish, I told her that unlike the similar favor I did for her where my $2,000 lens was stolen, I would pay her for assisting me. The answer was filled with excuses and I withdrew curtly my request.

The truth is that I no longer have the time nor the resolve to put up with people who feel that compassion is not their responsibility. Some feel that its the responsibility of United Way, some churches, and a select few agencies God forbid government. They are simply too busy enjoying their borrowed opulence and borrowed time. To those I apologize and say like Celo Green: "forget you." Keep your money to yourself but please don't ask me for a favor. I am too busy trying to make a difference but don't ask me for a favor down the road. 

The same that argue about saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, overlook making them Merry or Happy for their friends and neighbors. That's the guilt burden than many in our society must share. It's a shame that it has come to this. Do what is right based on your heart's conviction. This is independent from your political and religious ideology.

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