Saturday, December 3, 2011


In Loving Memory of Our Friend:

Can't say I have much of a sufferance tolerance: human or animal. Then again, I don't know many folks that could say they do. Today we put to sleep our longtime friend and companion, Daisy, a black female lab mix

For nearly fifteen years,  she served our family in various capacities: watchdog, nocturnal companion, family peacekeeper, life guard, groundskeeper, retriever of all things, work companion, roommate, and friend.

It was never my intention that she become part of my family, but then again this "trial" dog was not one whose puppy face, I could look away from, let alone the faces of my children and wife who clearly conspired againgst me. They appealed to my soft spot and won. The deck was stacked against me.

Daisy brought complete joy to my children, my wife, my fatherinlaw, and even Daisy's surrogate family, our next door neighbors, the West's. In her last seven years, she served in the capacity as my fatherinlaw's canine companion. She watched carefully over him and was there as he recovered from several knee surgeries. 

It was not uncommon to see Daisy riding through her neigborhood in Grapevine in Bobby's golf cart. The two road through their "hood" as a team. Sometimes they were also chaparoned by best girlfriend and neighbor Sammy. The canines definitely had tales to tell and tails to wag.

In the end both my fatherinlaw and Daisy limped throughout the house. Daiy more so than her loved friend. She did not let him disuade her from always being by his side.

Daisy taught us about friendship and unconditional love. It's a shame that this dog was more human than some of the friends I've known over the years. For Daisy it was never about what we could give her but rather what she could give us. This year, we have grieved over the loss of friends and family. Daisy, sweet friend, you proved to be both. You were the best and we will miss you. Thank you for your comfort all these years. Good girl Daisy.

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  1. unconditional love! it's the best and proving our 4-footed friends are the most highly evolved species on the planet!


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