Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm Back

Festive Toy Australian Shepherd

As some of you might have gathered, the pen has been idled by year end Christmas orders. This is extremely encouraging. Yesterday my routine was disrupted some more, I have an interview in Denver. During my flight up, I had some time to work on an image that I had taken just several days before.

You see, I fully understand my own mantra. We are born with the following capabilities: to survive, create, and with the capacity to help one another. My goal regardless of whether I go back to a "regular" job is to continue on my personal journey and to remain true to my mantra. 

Few of us dare to venture outside of our comfort zone. In my case, I was forced to grow and hone my creative skills as a photographer. In the process, I also became aware that I was sorely remiss in serving others. I had the capacity to serve but what not willing. Its too easy to focus on my own plight. 

Nearly two years have passed since my corporate imposed exile transpired. Since September of this year, I've found a new attitude and renewed purpose. By no means has this been easy. All I know is that I have to continue my photography business because it is a part of me. Although I am pragmatic enough to know that by itself, it will not sustain the lifestyle I was accustomed to, I know that it will emotionally sustain me through the current global crisis. You might say "I was born this way."

Whatever, happens, I am ready to move forward and embrace my life fully. 

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