Monday, January 2, 2012

Like Me

See The Light
Keller, TX

As as salesman my vocation was simply to get people to both like me and my products. Not only was that my job, but quite frankly it was was my style. It truly worked for me. I mean after all what's there not to like about me? To me, it was as simple as the old jingle I use to sing as a child: "I like people and people like me."

My daily walks afford me with both an opportunity for exercise and self-discovery. The other day I was more introspective than usual. I decided to change my perspective and look up inside the covered bridge I walk through every day and I noticed this lone light bulb. That's when it dawned on me. I am bothered by the fact that people don't always like me. In fact some aren't convincible and will never buy. Some folks just don't like people and they certainly don't like me.

At first, the notion was hard to bear. They don't like me and they don't care. The more I thought about this, I could feel the burden of trying to please seem to grudgingly ease off my shoulders. Not everyone is going to like you let alone understand your motives. It doesn't truly matter and it certainly is not going to change your life drastically. What does matter is that you like yourself and enjoy what you do.

In part, my photography, releases me from this phobia. It enables me to create and enjoy my own creativity. It grants me the opportunity to like myself. It reacquaints me with the gifts that I enjoy about myself and allows me to befriend myself.

You might say that it's more important to be friends with yourself first than it is to be friends with anyone else. If you do this, you will find the value of true friendship. You will learn why we need each other to survive and thrive. As I stared at the light bulb under the rafters of the covered bridge, the one in my head went off. It's more important to accept myself at this stage in my journey than it is to get others to like me.

This does not mean that I no longer will care. It simply means that I need to value both. However, I can't waste time trying to get someone to like me or my work. In the end, what matters most is that I like me and enjoy my work.

Having said this, I have a favor to ask. It would be awesome if my followers from Australia would contact me and get acquainted. It still is good to make new friends. Keep in mind we are all different and some more capable of giving than others.

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  1. Nice photo and writing Al. I'm reminded of something an old seasoned salesman taught me very early in my career. He said that being liked in business is over rated. Sure it's always nice to be liked. However it is more important to be respected among your peers.


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