Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vintage Thoughts

Vintage Bench and Tree
Keller, TX

There are some thoughts and images that I find myself constantly going back to and reworking them like a writer crafting the final chapters of a suspense thriller. I don't know if its the solitude of the scene that draws me or whether its the serene pastoral nature of a lone bench underneath a barren tree. It could even be that I long to simply sit and meditate underneath the tree.

Once I had a poster which extolled the virtues of silence. The poster read: "the deepest thoughts come in silence." There are times I would choose to be virtuous underneath the virtual shade of a barren tree. 

The biggest challenge we face at times is simply to find meaning out of nothing. As a photographer living in an area void of topography, this is my constant challenge. Meaning I find comes from personal introspection, by interpretation with the soul's eye. It's the eyes collage interpreted via the mind's experience set from where we derive meaning.

My shoes are almost warn from all the times, I have journeyed past this bench and tree. It seems each time I see it differently and am better off for it.


  1. Found your iPhone work via Harry Sandler. Great stuff!

  2. Thank you so much, John!!

    There's a whole school of us. Harry Sandler is a personal friend as is my mentor Dan Burkholder.

    The iPhone provides me with generous latitude which my conventional 5D Mark II cannot. However, I use both to find my artistic voice.


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