Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Wish

Keller Christmas
Keller, TX

Got up early this morning only to find out that Santa had left the fireplace screen open which made the house a little drafty. He must be getting a little advanced in years too because he left the stocking stuffers behind but had not placed them in their respective stockings. Being a good citizen, I completed what Santa had neglected.

Hanshan Temple
Our home is filled with life this Christmas: two dogs, Charlie( an old English sheepdog) and Buckley (our Australian blue heeler), Justin Lauren and her husband Travis, and our son Steve. Everyone is still asleep. No one heard the rooftop commotion. It could have been because they all stuffed from our food shipment of pasteles and arroz con gandules straight from Puerto Rico.

My father-in-law will probably arrive around breakfast time and begin to wake everyone up. My dad is in Puerto Rico visiting family at Christmas for the first time in probably over fifty years. Mom has been sleeping since July in a mausoleum facing the perpetual morning sun. It's a pity I won't be able to wish her a Merry Christmas. Mom did speak to me last night and the night before in my dreams. I miss making her laugh.

Suppose, I should get busy now. Before, I leave you, I want to thank all of you who have extended your hand of friendship, warmth, and comfort to me and my family this past year. You really understand Christmas and you practiced it all year long with your kind words, support, and encouragement. You have taught me that the C in Christmas not only signifies Christ but also compassion.

As we end this season and welcome the next, I wonder how differently my world would be if I practiced my humanity and exercised compassion frequently and abundantly. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you, from a very grateful and changed person.

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