Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photographic Homily

Me and Coffee
Mount Vernon, NY

It feels like I've been hibernating this past week. The weather provided much needed rain to Texas, but lingered like a clingy somber cloud. It lasted about four days bringing with it temperatures in the the 20's and 30's.  My lethargy seems to have disabled my walking legs and my spirit has been less than festive. Today, is a new day, and the forecast sounds promising. The sun should once again shine its countenance upon me.

Lots going on right now. The photography business has been picking up. I sell my fine art prints, canvases, and cards, in addition, I do family portraits and events, as well as teach camera and Photoshop skills. This all ties in nicely with my philosophy that we were born to create, survive, and help.

My best state of mind is when, I transcend beyond what is at hand and move into my creative place. At that point, I don't have a care in the world. What happens on Wall Street, in Washington, or in the world has little significance to me.

The bottom line is that though I led a successful corporate life, I really hated keeping score. The real fun for me has always been coming up with an idea and seeing it through fruition. Photography and the printing of photographs provides me that unique pleasure. It requires my patience and provides me with the freedom to create and interpret.

Today's image was taken with an iPhone 3Gs while I was on a trip visiting a friend in NYC. The vignette that was on my night stand intrigued me so much that I chose to photograph it. The rest of the image came to me and fit in nicely with what I felt and saw at the time.

It feels good to create. We should give thanks and praise.

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