Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Texas Bride:  Wedding Shoes

Several of my friends have given me an opportunity to shoot with them.  This past week, my friend Patty Foppen asked me to be her second shooter.  It was great working with her.  She's a kind soul.  In addition, as a former model, she knows exactly how to pose young brides and their entourage.

Texas Bride Enjoying Her Moment
Finding my voice in the images I shoot at these events, has now become a new obsession.  I don't just like to shoot.  Anyone can take a snapshot.  I want my images to be archival memories.  In a way, I want them to become the reason why you should stay married.  (Ok, that's a stretch.)

There's so much that I didn't know about weddings.  The story line goes beyond the bride and reaches those attending the celebration.  A passage takes place in the preparation and at the altar.  The reception brings the old and young together in a celebration of fertility and life.  

Bride and Mother
We want the new couple to experience life but we also want them to see the other side.  If they work hard at their relationship, they will transition lust into genuine love and friendship.  I love capturing the moments and viewing them over and over.  I love capturing feelings and playing them back.


  1. The mother daughter shot is very touching, soft and full of emotion. Very nicely done.
    Love your photography,

  2. It seems that all of the women want the shoes!!!


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